Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Sometimes ya gotta just get out of town!  Especially when you live in a town the size of your old neighborhood!  That's a tiny exaggeration but really.  This place is tiny and sometimes it's nice to be reminded there's more out there in the world!!  So, a couple weeks back, Beau and I went to the big town with Paige since he had to do some recruiting.  We stayed with Annie and Paul on Thursday night and then ran around town with Annie, Lucy, and Marsha for a few hours Friday while Paige went to some schools.  We had a great day and still can't believe all that we fit in in such a short amount of time!
Playing in the morning before our big day out

Look at these two all snug and ready to go!
DONUTS!!! Look at the excitement!!!
Can't even hold still for a pic!  Too many yummy donuts!!!!

At the children's museum

Monkey face
Love these monkeys!

Looking at every Jayhawk!
We tried so hard to get one where every one was looking... This is as good as it gets!

Leaving the bookstore and checking out the stadium. 

Beau was throwing a fit, so Lucy had to go check it out! :)

Apparently this is how Lucy "listens" to Annie!!

So fun!

 That evening, Paige had to go to a game.  We decided to stay at a hotel right by the school he went to.  It was great because we were able to go out to eat, get some ice cream at a place just like Menchies from back home, and on Saturday, we got up early and went to Home Depot (I needed some paint for some DIY things I'm doing!!), Old Navy, and TARGET!!!!!  We spent so long in Target!  Beau got to pick out a toy because he was being so good, and oh my goodness you should have seen him in the toy aisle!  He was so cute and looked and studied each little toy trying to pick out THE PERFECT ONE!! He ended up getting two trains because his parents are pushovers and we give him anything he wants!  Not really, but we are pretty big softies to his sweet little pleas!  We had a fun, quick trip and hope that next time we can stay longer and visit with more family!!
Playing "stand the bed"

Beau's ice cream! 

"Stand the bed" truce 

Checking out all the trains at lunch! Now he thinks he needs every single one!

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