Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best Friends

When I asked Beau if Landon was his best friend, he responded with, "No, Ighting/Sally!"  In other words, Lightning and Sally from Cars.  Well, I think once you see this video, you will see why! ;)

For the record~ they ARE best friends and will be forever!!

The CMA's were on last night, and Beau got so excited and started begging for Taylor Swift!  We sat and watched and waited and she FINALLY came on!  I don't know what it is about this love afair but he has got to meet her someday!  He was so sweet in this video~ notice how he was showing her his blankies!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jumpin' bean

A few nights ago this entertained Beau for about an hour!!  He slept great!

Friday, January 13, 2012

"Bye Christmas tree!!"

Beau LOVED Christmas, and he loved our tree! Everytime we would get home from somewhere,  he would rush up the stairs to the living room, run right to the tre,e and stand sooooooooooo close to it waiting for me to turn it on!  He LOVED it!  When we would leave, I wanted to make sure I turned the lights off so we would always say bye to it.  Even now, as we leave, he still says, "Bye Christmas Tree!"  Well, when Paige was taking the tree out, Beau jumped up from playing and started shouting, "Bye Christmas tree!!" over and over again!  It was hilarious! 

Monday, January 9, 2012


Beau loves the gifts he got from Mary Alex, Cade, and Camden and he especially loved making a mess in mommy's kitchen!  :)

 "I just can't get them out fast enough!!"

On Sunday, we went to Mom and Dad's and Beau and Landon were so cute playing together!  They are best friends!  He was so sweet sharing his cars with her and she was hungry!

Merry Christmas, Beau and Landon!!

So cute!

"No Beau.. It goes like this..."  (can't you just hear her!!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Funny monkey

Beau is really starting to get his little personality, and I am loving it!  Tonight, at the end of saying prayers, I look over and he is sucking his thumb!  I gave him a little look, like, "what are you doing", and he just started cracking up!  I mean, full-out giggling!!  It was so funny!  If you know Beau, he is so addicted to his pacie so this was surprising to me! Especially when, thumb in mouth, he took the pacie and chucked it across the room!  I'm glad this was just a joke he was playing on me because a pacie can be taken way but a thumb...not so much!

Our funny little monkey~
Caught playing in Daddy's shoes!

 He LOVES to dress himself and he does this EVERYTIME we dress him!

Beau loves these glasses and cracks up when he wears them!

I guess he gets it from his uncle!!!
(Sam's bobble head~ the second  best gift of Christmas!!!!  (second only to the stocking that Mom finally made for Sam after 23 years!!!!)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paige's Birthday

December is FULL of birthdays for this family!  My mom, my uncle, and I have our birthday on the 18th, Sarah and my other uncle have their's on the 21st, Paige is on the 28th...it is a fun and busy month!  For Paige's birthday we went to the aquarium so the next night we had a little mini birthday party!

 Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

 Helping Daddy blow out his candles!
 Man, that's a lot of candles!  And it was only 22!  It would have taken ALL night to blow out 34!!

Beau just wants the cookies!!!