Monday, October 29, 2012

Game 9, Neewollah, and the Pumpkin Patch

This weekend, the team played out in Garden City.  Since that is so far away, we decided to stay here, go to the Halloween Festival (Neewollah) in Independence, and listen to the game on the radio.  On Friday before the guys left, Paige, Beau, and I went to the festival for about an hour.  It was SO cold so we walked around, got fries, corn dogs, and "hottin candy" and went back home to get warm!  Saturday was a little warmer so Kristen and I decided to take the kids back to Independence.  It was pretty fun!  When we got home, Stacey and Kirby came over and we ate veggie soup and listened to the game on the radio.  Luckily the Ravens won so they will play Hutch in the first round of the playoffs this coming Sunday.  Thank goodness football's not over yet!  I'm not sure what we're going to do when it ends!!

Beau and I eating a corn dog on Friday at Neewollah

Beau loved this "hottin" candy!

It was all over him!

Giving Daddy a good luck hug!

Saturday morning hanging out with the Flores girls.

Haley climbed up here all by herself!


Eating pizza at Neewollah on Saturday.

Kirby wanted in on the fun!

 Yesterday we took Beau to the pumpkin patch.  It was beautiful outside and Beau had a good time running all through the pumpkins and playing in the corn!  We even ran into the Mattox family there.

Stacey, Matt, and Kirby

Climbing on the hay

This slide was FAST!

Wait where's Beau?

Being goofy with Daddy!

Future Farmer of America!

Beau liked this bumpy one!

This looks like a good seat here!

This was such a pretty farm.

Beau loved these little baby pumpkins.

Paige got a big one for carving!

Playing in the corn

Beau's tiny pumpkin

Game 8

Last Saturday, Stacey, Kirby, Beau, our friend Lauren, and I went to El Dorado for the Coffeyville vs. Butler game!  We went to Andover first and hung out with Leslie, Morgan, their daughter, Josie, Kelli, and Cash for awhile.  Then we all went over to the game and tailgated.  Leslie and Morgan do it up right for tailgating!  They have everything you possibly think of including a grill that attaches to the trailer hitch of Morgan's tuck!  We saw lots of our friends from Butler and had a great time even though we lost. :(

On our way to the Andover! Kids these days have it so easy!

Cash and Beau.  Cash's dad is the baseball coach at Butler and we have been friends with his parents since Paige first went out to Butler.  Cash was one of Beau's very first friends! 
All the boys had so much fun playing in the dirt.
Showing off their muscles!

It was a really pretty night for football!
The boys watching through the fence.  Not sure if they're looking at the cheerleaders or the game.... :)

Beau and Coach Rolls.  Coach Rolls won Beau over by getting him candy and  bug juice one night! Now he is Beau's favorite.
Paige and one of his old players from Butler, Rudell Crim.  He was back because they were honoring the 2007 National Championship team.