Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Today we started a new tradition of going to breakfast and then getting our tree.  So after delicious waffles, we went to Scottsdale Farm and picked out our perfect Christmas Tree!  It was so much fun!  Beau got to run all through the trees, play in the leaves, sit on a tractor, and go on a hayride!  Here are some pictures from our day at the farm~

Oh trees!!
 Man down!

That wouldn't fit in our yard!

Just my size!


Future farmer!

 Time for the hayride!

 He could have stayed there all day!

This one looks good to me, mom and dad!

Yep, that's it!  Let's go!


We have had such a great Thanksgiving break!  On Wednesday Mitch and Rikki stopped here and stayed with us on their way to Mitch's parents house.  We had such a great time seeing them and catching up and FINALLY meeting Stella!  I can't believe I didn't get pictures of them here!  I did get a couple~ Sarah and Stella and they are CUTE!

I can't leave Beau out!  Here he is just sitting on the stool reading!
Here's a picture of the yummy breakfast I made Thanksgiving morning!  I found it on Pinterest, and it was amazing!  Check out the recipe  here.   Sam called me later Thanksgiving night and asked what this was...he said it was the best thing he ate all day!!!  Wow!  :)

After drinking coffee, eating sticky buns, and visiting with The Stewarts, we went over to Mom and Dad's house. We had a great time

Here's a picture of the dessert table!  We had a lot of pies!

Making the gravey and getting ready to get the turkeys out of the oven!  Why do you always give me a thumbs up, Paige?? :)

Adam and Sarah making the whip cream for the pies!  Good job Adam!  Way to take over!  He kept hollering in from the living room the directions...he said he had just made some that thing you know, there he is, taking over!  Love him!

Pretty flowers from Frazer's parents.

Mom's pretty tablescape!  Good job Mom and Sarah!

Love this centerpiece from the Pantino's!  It was really nice spending Thanksgiving with them!

Cute, Sam and Krista!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekend at my parents

Last weekend, Beau and I practically moved in with my parents! It was nice to spend that time with them.  Here are some cute videos of Beau from Saturday night~

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here are a few more videos...

Too much Halloween candy!

Incase you are wondering what too much candy does to a 2 year old, here is a video for you!  This took place at about 10pm!  Sorry it is sideways...

Friday, November 4, 2011

"Happy Ween!"

I LOVE 2 years old!!!  Beau just says and does the cutest things!  Halloween was especially fun!  He was an Arkansas football player thanks to Sheri and the kids who got him an adorable uniform!!  Boy did he enjoy Halloween and playing his role! 

After work, we carved pumpkins.  Then we went to my parent's house for Trick-or-treating.  That day, Paige taught Beau how to say trick-or-treat ("trich-cher-cheet").  He was very good at it and got quite a few pieces of candy, and we all know what candy does to little bodies!  He was hilarious!  For what seemed like at least 45 minutes, he was running from couch to reclciner yelling, "TOUCHDOWN MELMO (Elmo)!!"  It was so funny!  Then, he crawled up on me on the couch and said, "I go bed, I go bed momma."  Ohhh I just melted!  It was so sweet!

Getting pumpkins at the church~
 Shy guy looking at all the pumpkins!  He kept saying, "Ohhhh punkins!!  Ohhhh punkins!!"

 "I love you punkin"
 Beau loves Rah-Rah!

 Looking at the bon-fire~ "Ohhh hot!"
 Landon and Beau!

 Cute as a bug!
 She loves daddy kisses!

 Beau was not sure about this!

 Outta the way Beau!  :)
 I LOVE this picture!!  Looks like a model baby!!!
 My "sisters!!"  and sweet Landon baby!
 He was not liking that gooey stuff!!

 All ready for trick-or-treating!!
 Trick-or-treat smell my feet!!!
 Heading to Grammy and Poppy's!!