Friday, August 30, 2013

It's that time of year again!

Football season is back, and Paige has been extremely busy this year! Beau gets to see him a lot, though, since I'm not working, and Paige comes home during lunch almost every day so it's hasn't been too bad! All of these pictures were taken during camp which was the first few weeks of August~
Eating the player's donuts!
The kid's picture for the media guide.
Family pic!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Beau is FOUR!!

How in the world has it been FOUR years since we brought that tiny, newborn, premie, bundle of joy home with us!!! Time has flown by and I am just so glad that I can honestly say that I have tried to soak up and enjoy every second of this life.  It can be taken from us so quickly that, in my opinion, there's no sense in wasting a moment!  So here are some pictures of our big boy's Avenger's birthday!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last Stop~ Murray, KY

I know this post is a little late but our last stop on our long road trip was Murray, Kentucky!  We were so excited to get to spend a couple days with Mitch, Rikki, and Stella!! We hung out at their wonderful home, stayed up til all hours talking and laughing, drank coffee all morning, went to the pool, toured the town, and just spent some great quality time catching up!
Sweet Stella!

Best good friends!

Watching cartoons late night
The guys hanging out

Beau fell asleep on the couch and Gus curled right up beside him!

Sweet face

playing at the pool


Dinner Date!

Dairy Queen!
Playing in Stella's room

Friends for life!
We were so sad to leave :(
Batman!  Thanks for the mask, Rikki!  He wore it for most of the drive and in the restaurant where we stopped for dinner!