Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't play with mommy's polish

This is exactly what I felt like right as I realized Beau was being way too quite...

I'm just so glad he took the bag with the nail polish off the carpeted stairs and brought it to the landing!  And I'm so appreciative for dad who sanded it and painted it for me!

Beau's little lesson of the day ~"Don't play with mommy's polish!"  As for my lesson~"if it's too quiet, he's up to no good!!"

Pics from my phone

4th of July fruit cake

tired from so much packing

our new house

My Dobby would be so proud of my flossing!


at the duck pond

first night in his big bed

pretty happy about all his Toy Story stickers

SOOOOO happy!!

"Wyann" and "Haywey" came over to play