Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer 2014 (so far)

The past couple of months we have been having a great time settling in our new house and new town.  We also got to go to Atlanta for a week and visit everyone! When we came back to Arkansas, we spent a few days in South Arkansas visiting Paige's family.  We have taken Beau to a water park, gone to the pool a lot, and have been out on the lake! It's been a fun summer so far, and now we are just waiting on the baby!

The top picture was in June 2009 and this bottom one was in May.  

Pretty good seats!

 Going to get ice cream!

They had fun at the mall!

Adam and Landon dancing!  This was so cute!

 The Frosty Caboose

 Our little frequent flyer

Back in Arkansas~

Mother's Day
Beau is the Uno King!

Watching Captain America!

Magic Springs

Reading before church
Memorial Day 

Teaching Beau to smoke ribs
Poor child has no toys...
34 weeks!

Measuring Daddy.  "Daddy, you're 72 pinches!"

 Swimming in the lake

Pool time

Who's driving this thing!!

Off to swim lessons

He said, "ohhhh this looks like a rewaxing chair!"