Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Long overdue visit to Murfreesboro!

On our way back to Kansas, we were so lucky to get to stop at Tia and Buster's house in Tennessee!  We pass right by their town on our long trip so we thought it would be the perfect stop! It also made leaving Georgia easier for me since I was having to leave my family BUT I was getting to see one of my very best friends who I hadn't seen in forever!!!!  I had never even met Haisley and she is 1.5 years old! :(  Needless to say, we had a great time visiting them!  We stayed up til all hours of the night just talking and catching up! And the kids got a long SO great too!!!  I mean seriously.. these are some of the sweetest children I've been around!  I love this sweet family!!
Hadley was giving Beau a birthday card she wrote and some presents!! 
Hadley and Haisley

Snacking and playing outside!

Time for a golf cart ride around the neighborhood!!

Sweet lil heads!
Love this girl!
Singing Blake Shelton while crusin' the neighborhood!

Hadley's photography skills!
My little BFF!

She loved Paige, too!
Sweet friends watching a movie.
Chillin on the cooler!
Water gun war...in unders... ;)
Paige and Haisey!
"I love youuuuuuu!!!"
Love these kiddos!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Next Stop~ Georgia!

We finally made it to Georgia on the 3rd! Landon was there awaiting our arrival!! We went to the Harney's for the 4th, went down to Tifton for a few days to see Paige's brother's family, took Beau to his first movie, went to a Braves game, went to Chuck E. Cheese, celebrated Frazer's and Sam's birthdays, and just enjoyed being around family!
Look at this sweet face!
Landon, Adam, and Frazer got 4th of July donuts for breakfast!!
Up WAY high on Sam's shoulders!

The Doc is in!
Kiddie hugs!!
Getting all ready to go to the Harney's.

Cousin love!
Sweet lil Landon!
Eating dinner at the Harney's!
Playing in the rain.

Such sweet little wet puppies!

Anna Lynn made her cameo!
Fun at Chuck E. Cheese!
Not sure who had more fun...

Just a big ol kid!


Back to Atlanta~
Beau's FIRST movie!!

Poppy spoiled him and took him to two toy stores!!
Paige and I at our first and only Braves game of the year!
Pretty view!  Thanks Jen and Josh for our tickets!
Chipper and me!!
Redneck driveway!!
I LOVE Landon's face!
"oh WOW!!!!"

Happy Birthday to Frazer and Sam!!!!

Poppy time!