Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June Recap

Well a lot has gone on with us since my last post!  I'll start with what happened the rest of June~
~Beau had Vacation Bible School at our church.  I helped out with his group.  He learned lots of cute church songs and dances and can even recite/sing all the fruits of the spirit!

~The next week, we signed him up for swim lessons!  He learned so much during his two weeks and is so confident in the water now!  He goes all the way under, blows bubbles, kicks, and even tries to swim freestyle! He's quite the little fish! During these last few weeks in June, we also spent tons of time at our awesome city pool!  We are what could call "pool rats" and I'm ok with that.  It gives us something to do on these 100 degree days!  So here are a bunch of pictures of how we ended June in Kansas~


Heading to our last day of VBS

Thank you for watering the tree!

Heading to church on Father's Day
Having a silverware war at Buffalo Wild Wings, Paige's favorite restaurant!
Father's day dessert at Cherry Berry

New game!
Swim lessons!

Got his own goggles for doing so great at swim lessons.
Check out his face!  He FINALLY went down the slide and now he loves it!  See what a few days of swim lessons will do!!

Fun at the VBS carnival

Redneck backyard!

sweet face

Kristen and I took the kids to the mall for a little shopping (and wish making with all my coins)!

 Beau and Haley! She didn't feel well so we watched her for Kristen.  She and Beau love each other!

I took him to Starbucks for a cake pop treat for his last day of swim lessons!

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