Monday, September 26, 2011

Ok and one more addiction...

Oh my goodness, this has THE COOLEST ideas for all the stay-at-home-moms (and dads!!) within us!!  I can hardly wait to try some of these ideas with Beau!  I think the glow in the dark ideas are awesome!!!

I'm addicted

Well, it's official.  I am addicted to  If you look at, I bet money you will become addicted as well!  Last night I kept telling myself that when I got to the end of the page, I would shut down the computer and go to bed.  The page seriously never ended!!  I could have stayed up all night!  Check it out for yourself~

Sunday, September 25, 2011

House Divided

Yesterday, Adam, Frazer, Landon, and Sam came over to watch the Alabama/Arkansas game.  We were decked out in Arkansas gear and they all were wearing their Alabama paraphernalia!   Paige smoked ribs and just hung out and ate a lot of good food. When they got here, Beau was napping.  Adam called shotgun on being able to be the one to go get him out of bed when we woke up.  So, when the time came, Adam got him and came downstairs with Beau wrapped around his neck!  He was so sweet to him for the rest of the afternoon!  Here are some pictures of the day~

Playing "bat tee" waiting for Adam, Fray, Landon, and Sam to get here.
 I love playing in my tunnel!
 Twins!  Thanks, Pommy, for our matching shirts!
 Loving Adam for getting him up from his nap.
 Such a sweet baby!
 I think Beau was a little jealous!  But, he was being so sweet.
 Playing "high five, too slow!" with Sam.

 Family picture

 Group shot!  Where are you Sarah??

Here's a video of Beau playing "bat tee" and one of him playing "high five, too slow" with Sam~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Since Beau now attends Daddy Daycare, each evening we briefly discuss the "lesson plans" for the following day.  This week we have been working on counting to 10, saying "WOOO Pig Sooie" to prepare him for football on Saturday where Arkansas will play Alabama (house divided~Adam vs. Paige),  peddling on his trike, and whinning.  So here is how it has panned out~
1. He can count to 10 with little assistance!  A++  See video.

2. Paige was wearing an Arkansas shirt today and Beau pointed and said, "Sooie!"  Yay!!!  He gets an A!

3. We are still working on peddling the trike... He just likes to be pushed...Who wouldn't!

4. Whinning...everytime he whines now he has to stand in the corner.  This evening when he started to whine I said, "Ok, if you whine you are going to the corner."  He stopped and said, "no whinning!"  I think we are getting it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Two weeks ago, we went to Birmingham for a weekend trip to see Pommy. We met up with her at a really awesome hotel that was connected to a mall! We had a great time seeing Pommy, shopping, and eating great food! Here are some pictures from our trip~

Lazy Days

Life has been busy with me back at work, but we are enjoying every minute that we have together!  We spend a lot of time at home or at my mom and dad's house just relaxing, playing bat tee, playing cars, going to the park and pool.  Life is good! 

Here is a little slideshow of some fun at home we have been having~