Friday, August 27, 2010

The Boys of Fall

First off, if you haven't heard this song, The Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney, you MUST YouTube it and watch it now!!  It gives me the chills and every time I see it on CMT or hear it on the radio, it makes me so excited for football season and so proud of Paige's gift and love for coaching.

Speaking of the best season, Football Season, we had our first game last night, and we won!!!  1-0!!  We haven't won the opening game since 2007!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and night.  Perfect for football.  Beau had his first babysitter at our house.  Her name is Dani, and she was one of the teachers in his class at Educare.  When she got here, he gave her his "cheese face!"  He did great!  I left at 6:30 and by 7:30 he was fast asleep.  I would have loved to have taken him, but I knew he would be asleep probably before we got there!  So, he will have to make his 2010 football debut at a Saturday game where he can take a late nap.  It was nice being there knowing he in his normal routine, snug in his bed, sound asleep!  Here is a picture of him with Dani before I left:

These are 2 of Paige's players.  He was pretty proud of his defense!  I think!  I'm still not so sure what's good and what's not.  Ha!  Coach's wife of the year right here!  ;)  Yeah right!

Here he is with one of his former players, Maurice.  Maurice calls himself "Beau's uncle Mo!"  (or Meau, as Sam would have spelled it!)  He plays at Oklahoma State.  He was actually with us at our first married Thanksgiving!  Just Paige, Pommy, Maurice, and me!!  One big, happy family! ;)

This is Victor Daniel.  He is Paige's player, and he won Player of the Game!  I'm holding his CHUNKY 5 month old daughter.  She was sound asleep!  It was so sweet!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I love you so much Mom and Dad!  Congratulations on 32 years of marriage!!!  Y'all have set such a awesome example of how to love so unconditionally.  I am so thankful to have both of you as parents.  I wonder how we got so lucky to be born into such a loving and caring family.  I hope you both have a wonderful day.  Here's some recent pictures:

Beau LOVES looking outside!

Trying to put his brush in the fireplace!

Playing with the gatorades we had for the goodie bags for Paige's players

THIS IS FUN!!!!!!!!

I love this position!  So cute!

This boy loves his daddy!

Then I wanted a cute picture with him and he would not have it!  He was just reaching for Paige.  I'm an old shoe.  :.......(

Looking out the window at Paige and some other coaches.

Come on guys.  I wanna play.

I've got blocks!!

Splish splash!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Beau has been so fun and sweet lately!  He sleeps so great during the night which sometimes makes me sad because I miss him when he's sleeping.  Paige even wants him to sleep with us at night because he misses him so much now that he working all hours!  We tried last night but Beau wasn't having it!  I guess he just likes his own space.  :(

Here's some pictures of him playing and being sweet:

Daddy and Beau

Watching Daddy's football scrimmage.

He loves dragging his blanket around everywhere.



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Last Day of Summer :(

Here I am with my favorite little man!  Our last day summer together!  (He's so sad!  Ha!)

Beau LOVES these blocks!  He will literally play with them FOREVER!  This baby has quite the attention span.

So, Beau has never really cared about watching TV.   Until I started noticing that every time Carrie Underwood would come on, he would stop whatever he was doing and stare at the TV.  It's hilarious!  he doesn't do it for anyone or anything else (except now he stares when Zac Brown's song "Free" comes on... I love that song!).  So here he is this morning GLUED to the TV, stopped in the middle of playing, to stare at his girlfriend!  

Beau was so excited to get a birthday present from Aunt Fray and Uncle Adam!!  A vacuum cleaner!!!  Now he can learn to be as OCD as I am!  (And Adam!  ha!)  So "THANK YOU" Aunt FrayFray and Uncle Adam!!!  Beau LOVES it!

"I'm done cleaning!  Now I'm gonna attack my momma!!!!  ROARRRRR!!!"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last night Beau slept so much! 14 hours to be exact! Sarah says he making up for the whole YEAR that he didn't sleep. Ha ha! Well, when he woke up he was ready to play, then he napped (as if he hadn't slept enough), and then we played some more. It was such a great day! Here are some pictures of him on his new "obstacle course!" (And then a few videos of course, too.)

Here he is, STUCK!  That big 'ol booty!  Poor thing!

Here he is eating some pancakes, and boy does he love them!  He is just smacking away!  I'm going to miss making him pancakes and muffins for breakfast every day.  I have to start back work in the morning (Wednesday).  :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eating....well, kinda

So I feel like Beau spends a lot of time in his highchair! This boy loves to eat! Well, usually. Tonight here is what he did when I turned my back for one second:

~More cute pictures of Beau eating~