Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Beau has been so fun and sweet lately!  He sleeps so great during the night which sometimes makes me sad because I miss him when he's sleeping.  Paige even wants him to sleep with us at night because he misses him so much now that he working all hours!  We tried last night but Beau wasn't having it!  I guess he just likes his own space.  :(

Here's some pictures of him playing and being sweet:

Daddy and Beau

Watching Daddy's football scrimmage.

He loves dragging his blanket around everywhere.




  1. Well I can't imagine one of our kids not wanting to be in our bed, and I have to admit that I do love it:) Your little man is so stinkin cute! It makes me so sad I haven't seen him in so long! Love y'all!!

  2. hahahah! Looks like he hates that rooster just as much as Paige does :)

    Great pictures. Seriously. Miss you guys so much. I'm coming back soon. Just as soon as I can. Love you. Give Beau a kiss for me.