Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Day the Grizzlies Came to School!

On Friday, Paige brought 10 players to our school to read and play with the kids!  The class was SO excited to see him and his players.  Here's a cute slideshow:

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekends are the best!

What a great weekend we have had!  Yesterday was a great day!  We woke up early, had waffles, played, napped, watched Rudell play for Arkansas, napped again, and then went to the Butler game!  It was a beautiful night for football, and we won 63-3!
 "Get up on my lap with that baw!!!!"

 Playing with my blocks!

 My game day ribbon wreath!  Thanks Tia for the idea!
 Eating cookies cheering on Rudell!
 Watching the game!
 Practicing walking with Miss Leslie. 

 Mom's turn!
 Friday before leaving for Educare.  He woke up SO happy at about 6:30.  :)

On Friday, Paige and some players came to the school to read and play with the kids!  It was so much fun!  The kids asked the funniest questions to Paige~ for instance~ "When's lunch recess?" and "Do you know John Cena (some WWF Wrestler who goes invisible)?"  It was hilarious!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walk like a man!

So, Beau is 13 months old (almost 14) and just now deciding that it's ok to let his feet touch the ground!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday was our 3rd game, and the Grizzlies won 56-7!  This was our first home game at our stadium so I took Beau, and he had fun and did great!

Waffles!  Gameday breakfast in my ear!

Pre-game meal~ grilled cheese.  On my ear!

AHHHH!!  Want some, Mom?


Hey John!

 Want some of my hotdog bun?

Go Grizzles!

I'm thirsty, Momma!

Beau LOVES Daddy!

Mom, can I PLEASE grow my hair like this?!?!?!

Paige, Beau, and QB1-Zach.  Beau did NOT like that face paint!

I just had to add these picture of Beau from Thursday morning before I took him to Educare.  I just thought he looked so cute in his Braves onesie.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yahoo for school! :)

This year I have 23 little first graders!  It has been a pretty good year so far.  Here are some pictures of my class~

The word wall

My chicka-boom tree

I was the first "Friend of the week."  :)

This is a cute idea I saw from a friend.  It's really easy to clip their work on these for a hall display.

Lined up so nicely

Look at that team work!

Playing Fun Friday centers.


They LOVED playing Twister!  Also, check out my new, huge, colorful carpet!!!!!!

Candy Land!

Uno!! (and my new rug!!  It's awesome!!)

Beau LOVES playing in the kitchen!  He thought this was funny!
Then I put it on my head and he CRACKED UP!!
Beau's turn again!
Now my turn!
"Oh mom! Stop it! You're crackin me up here!!"