Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday was our 3rd game, and the Grizzlies won 56-7!  This was our first home game at our stadium so I took Beau, and he had fun and did great!

Waffles!  Gameday breakfast in my ear!

Pre-game meal~ grilled cheese.  On my ear!

AHHHH!!  Want some, Mom?


Hey John!

 Want some of my hotdog bun?

Go Grizzles!

I'm thirsty, Momma!

Beau LOVES Daddy!

Mom, can I PLEASE grow my hair like this?!?!?!

Paige, Beau, and QB1-Zach.  Beau did NOT like that face paint!

I just had to add these picture of Beau from Thursday morning before I took him to Educare.  I just thought he looked so cute in his Braves onesie.  

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