Sunday, September 5, 2010

We interrupt this marriage to bring you football season~again!

We love football season around here and love it even more when we are winning!  Yesterday was a perfect day for football.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL and the game was awesome!  It was in Fort Scott which is 2 hours away.  Stacey rode with Beau and me out there, and he did so great!  I couldn't believe that I actually got to watch the game.  Here's some pictures from our perfect Saturday!

 "AHHHHH!  I'm ready for my pancakes Momma!"

These are yummy!

Staring at the T.V. watching "The Boys of Fall" music video!

Just watching the game

Playing and being so good!

Kiss (the band!) face!!

Paige and his buddy~ actually, he told me last night that Beau is his best friend!

Tillmon LOVES Beau!  Doesn't look like Beau is loving this picture though!

Here's my new football outfit from Pommy!

Last weekend was nice because the game was on Thursday so we got to spend the whole day Saturday together~ just like a real family! Ha!

Lasagna!  Yummy!


     My favorite little baby boy in the world


My daddy's funny!

My turn to be funny like Daddy!

So sleepy

Beau loves playing with his blocks


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  1. BEAU-tiful! Love your sweet little family! Congrats on the big wins, that's awesome!! I miss you and that perfect little boy of yours! Oh and you look AMAZING!!