Friday, September 10, 2010

Yahoo for school! :)

This year I have 23 little first graders!  It has been a pretty good year so far.  Here are some pictures of my class~

The word wall

My chicka-boom tree

I was the first "Friend of the week."  :)

This is a cute idea I saw from a friend.  It's really easy to clip their work on these for a hall display.

Lined up so nicely

Look at that team work!

Playing Fun Friday centers.


They LOVED playing Twister!  Also, check out my new, huge, colorful carpet!!!!!!

Candy Land!

Uno!! (and my new rug!!  It's awesome!!)

Beau LOVES playing in the kitchen!  He thought this was funny!
Then I put it on my head and he CRACKED UP!!
Beau's turn again!
Now my turn!
"Oh mom! Stop it! You're crackin me up here!!"

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