Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas part 2

We weren't able to go to Arkansas during Christmas this year but here is the video of Beau opening his gifts from Pommy and Papa.  Thanks for all the fun gifts for Beau (and for Paige and me)!

Here is another video of Beau from the other night being a goof after his "baf." (bath)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Setting out Santa's cookies

Beau didn't quite get it that the cookies and milk were for Santa and not Beau Beau! 

Here is another cute video of Beau watiting for Poppy to come over.  Beau was sick and Poppy was SO nice and brought him a humidifier and some medicine.  What would we do without you, Poppy?!?!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Camera

Mom and Dad got us a new camera for Christmas, and it is awesome!!  Thanks, Dad, for doing so much research and shopping around to find us the perfect camera!
Here are some of the pictures I have taken, just messing around with it~

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Aquarium

Today is Paige's 34th birthday so for this wonderful occasion we took Beau to the Georgia Aquarium!!  Ever since Beau saw the movie Happy Feet on t.v. a few weeks back, he has been obsessed with "pingmons" so you can imagine his excitement when he got to see REAL LIVE PINGMONS!!  One swam right across his face (on the glass) and he shouted, "PIIIINNNGMONS!!!"  He also liked seeing the sharks, all the different fish, the rays, the starfish, was just overall a great day!!


Oh pish!!

Hi Beau!

Touching a starfish!  He would have jumped right in if we would have let him!

"Oh so pretty!!"

This was the coolest part (besides the pingmons).  It was like we were swimming right there with the sharks and fish!


One last look at the pingmons!

Up close and personal with the pingmons.

Christmas Video

Dobby and Poppy got Beau a Curious George monkey that apparently makes the funniest noises in the world!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We have had such a wonderful Christmas season!  Since Paige was going to be gone for a while, we got our tree up right after Thanksgiving and have spent the last month really enjoying our home all decorated for THE BEST time of year!!

Beau is doing GREAT at his new preschool!  He started right after Thanksgiving and has adjusted well!  There are a million things to do and play with there.  He loves playing with all the different cars they have.  They get Bible time, music class, lots of recess time, the tumble bus comes, they have soccer is so much fun there!

Here are some pictures from our past few weeks and our Christmas~

Beau saw this bag in his closet and I swear he played with it for a week! 

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited about his gift from the Harney's!  "Melmo!!!!"

Christmas morning~ somebody was a good boy this year!


"Oh no Simba!!"

Beau's Cars tumbler!

We all got tumblers in our stockings!

My new bar chairs!  Good job, Paige!

Beau got a train table from my mom and dad and boy was he in Heaven when he saw it!!! 

Mom got Sam's stocking made!  (After 23 years!!)

Why do you always give me a thumbs-up??

Now everyone is doing it!  ;)  And Jen is having a baby girl!!  AnnaLynn!  (Named for her mom and grandma!!!)

Seriously people.. stop the thumbs-up...  ;)

Secret santa~ Frazer got Josh a bunch of Tennessee things including a baby bib!  Jen loved that!  Haha!

More pictures to come...