Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Aquarium

Today is Paige's 34th birthday so for this wonderful occasion we took Beau to the Georgia Aquarium!!  Ever since Beau saw the movie Happy Feet on t.v. a few weeks back, he has been obsessed with "pingmons" so you can imagine his excitement when he got to see REAL LIVE PINGMONS!!  One swam right across his face (on the glass) and he shouted, "PIIIINNNGMONS!!!"  He also liked seeing the sharks, all the different fish, the rays, the starfish, was just overall a great day!!


Oh pish!!

Hi Beau!

Touching a starfish!  He would have jumped right in if we would have let him!

"Oh so pretty!!"

This was the coolest part (besides the pingmons).  It was like we were swimming right there with the sharks and fish!


One last look at the pingmons!

Up close and personal with the pingmons.

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