Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 Summer Road Trip-First Stop~Branson

The last month we have been having a great time traveling all around the south.  We put about 2500 miles on the ol' Camry and saw mostly all of our family and loved ones! The next few posts will be all the stops we made along the way but first I will start with a quick trip we made back to Branson.  Last time we were there, we were scheduled to see the Elvis show but that night Elvis got sick and couldn't preform!  We were a little upset, to say the least, so we decided to make a stop there on our way to Arkansas to see Paige's family.  It just happened to be right around our 5th anniversary as well so we made the excuse to go and stay a night and see the Elvis show.  Sadly, as we got to town, Beau had a very high fever.  I took one look at his throat and we got right to the urgent care.  Sure enough, he had strep!  He didn't let that stop him, though, from having a great time and being a great little boy at the show!
On our way to Branson...can you tell Beau doesn't feel well!!!
Waiting to see the doc

Does this look like the face of child with strep!!??
Ice cream for dinner!
Ready for the show!!

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