Saturday, October 13, 2012

Game 6 and more

Last week we had a nice little cold front move in which meant it was perfect weather for CHILI!!  Friday night we did just that and watched Chipper Jones' last game.  :(  I still can't believe I'm old enough to have seen a baseball players' entire career play out!  How has it been that long??  I can still remember being in middle school when he was a rookie!

On Saturday, we played Highland at home.  It was SO COLD but we were able to sit in a box so we were nice and warm!  It was a close game, but luckily we won! 

View from the top!

Sunday morning.  He wanted me to leave him alone, I guess!

On Monday, we kept Kirby for my friend Stacey.  As you can see, Beau LOVES Kirby!!!

He still loves making "Monster Brownies!" 

Halloween muffins before preschool!  Mom got these for him last year and I'm so glad I found them in my Halloween decor boxes!  He LOVES them!!!

Throwing rocks at Daddy's practice.  He could do this all day!

Making one of these for dessert has become a nightly thing! 

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