Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Project and more..

I finally did something DIYish!!  I found this old picture for 10 bucks, bought paint when we were in KC at the Home Depot, and after a few coats, look how good it looks now!!  Thanks, Tia, for the inspiration!  As you can see from the picture of her home, I totally copied her!!

Here's Tia's.  I'm a copier!
Also, here are some pictures of some of my Halloween decorations.  I love all my Halloween stuff!  I guess I get it from my mom that I love decorating for every holiday.  She was THE BEST at it!!  The year I got married, I came home around Halloween and she and I went to her favorite store that used to be in downtown Roswell.  She bought me so much cute stuff!  I'm glad we did that because now I can carry on the tradition of decorating for Beau!  And boy does he love it!

He's so scared of this witch hand bowl!

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