Monday, October 22, 2012

Homecoming week

Two weeks ago was homecoming week here in Coffeyville.  Kristen Flores (the head coach's wife) put together this pep rally at the nursing home where she works.  Beau had fun and all the players were so nice to him!  They were calling him "Baby Anders" and commenting on how much he looks like Paige.  It was fun for him to see of them and he especially loved seeing the cheerleaders!  The game was actually postponed until Sunday at noon because we had really bad thunderstorms that came through that evening. Sunday was absolutely beautiful and we won by a lot so that made it even better!
Beau and his favorite cheerleader!

Playing catch with Daddy.

His new thing he does now!

Pie eating contest~ offense vs. defense

Beau stood with the kindergarten class and gave the players hi-fives!

Chaz, one of Paige's guys, and Beau

This player was trying to brainwash Beau into being a Cardinals fan! Paige didn't like that too much but I bet Poppy doesn't mind!

Later that afternoon, he passed out on the couch!  Must have had too much fun!

Beau's had to get glasses!

Eating lunch with Daddy at Pizza Hut

Having some rainy day fun

I bet I pushed him around the house in this for 30 minutes! 

We thought he went to sleep in his bed but as I went to check on him before I went to bed, this is what I found...

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