Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Little Things

"Enjoy the little things in life...for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."

I love this quote and try and remember it every single day of my life!  Here are some of the "little" things we did last week.

I love it so much, I put it on my new mug I got to make for free from Snapfish!
and that's another quote I love, along with some of my all time favorite pictures.
Beau with Daddy's old "Donking" Kong from when he was a little fella.

I made Paige pose with it too!

Sitting on "Donking" Kong's head

Playing with him in the laundry basket.

Eating a snack in his underwear in the middle of the day~ oh the life!

Playing at the park!

Hanging out in the best spot watching Disney Junior.

Oh it's the little things!!  I finally got my first Country Living!  My little present to myself for having to move here!  I subscribed to it when I changed our address and have been patiently waiting for months for my first issue!

He was so good at his haircut that he got TWO suckers and had to have them both at the same time!

Uncle Sam is the best!!  Beau LOVES his Batman and has to take him everywhere he goes including the bathtub, the park, football practice, etc...

I'm going to see Kip Moore in December!! 

Beau and Ryann being so sweet!

Eating snack, watching Mickey.
We are a football family!

Taking a bath!  This was hilarious!  They are wild!

Hanging out with my best bud

CAUGHT RED HANDED!!!  He crumbled these packing peanuts to pieces and they static clung to everything!!!

Eating dinner on Friday.  Look at that face!

He got this out all by himself and wanted to clean the floor!

He kept saying, "I'm getting all the junk right there...."


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