Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Funny monkey

Beau is really starting to get his little personality, and I am loving it!  Tonight, at the end of saying prayers, I look over and he is sucking his thumb!  I gave him a little look, like, "what are you doing", and he just started cracking up!  I mean, full-out giggling!!  It was so funny!  If you know Beau, he is so addicted to his pacie so this was surprising to me! Especially when, thumb in mouth, he took the pacie and chucked it across the room!  I'm glad this was just a joke he was playing on me because a pacie can be taken way but a thumb...not so much!

Our funny little monkey~
Caught playing in Daddy's shoes!

 He LOVES to dress himself and he does this EVERYTIME we dress him!

Beau loves these glasses and cracks up when he wears them!

I guess he gets it from his uncle!!!
(Sam's bobble head~ the second  best gift of Christmas!!!!  (second only to the stocking that Mom finally made for Sam after 23 years!!!!)

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