Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Me to Beau~ "Beau, do you know what day it is today?"
Beau~ "Wednesday!!"
Me~ "No it's Valentine's Day!"  Do you know what tomorrow is?"
Beau~ "Friday!!!"
Well, atleast he's learning his days of the we just need to get them in order!!

We had a nice Valentine's spent at my parent's house.  Adam and Landon came, and boy is she a little pistol!!  She kept getting into Beau's snack, and she even stole his cookie!  It was so cute!  His little face was like, "Mom!!  Make her stop!!"  I love it!  Then they splished splashed together, and she was all over the place!  Beau doesn't know what to do with this girl!!  The best part was the time we spent all together~  Precious time that we will never get back and hope and pray for much more of.

These are all my Valentine's from my 5th graders!  I got 11 boxes of chocolates!  (They are going with Mom and Dad to the doctor's office today!  I had to get them outta here!)

Happy Valentine's Day sweet Landon!!

Eating snacks together~ they ate all afternoon and evening!

Little hug!

Splish-splash!  He kept cutting his eyes back to her as if to say, "What is SHE doing in here...and maybe if I don't REALLY look at her, she will go away!"

Last night, Paige got home and Beau was SO excited to show him all of his Valentine's!  They looked at each one of them, and then lined them up on the bench.  For all the kids that I guess are his friends, he just laughed so hard when Paige read their names!

 All done!!  That's a lot Valentine's!  So many people love you, Beau Beau!

These are what I got for Paige!  Cool huh?!?!

A few videos~

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