Friday, February 17, 2012

Thrilling Thursday

Usually Fantastic Friday's are my favorite day, but since I didn't have to work today (or Monday!!), yesterday was like our Friday!!  Beau got to sleep in late!  I put him in bed with Paige before I left for work, and Paige said that when he woke up, he was so happy to see his daddy there!!  On his way to preschool, he and Paige stopped at Dunkin and got donut holes.  Then Paige took him to school just in time for his soccer class.  Every Thursday, Beau gets to play Happy Feet Soccer!  He loves it and always gets TWO stamps.  For dinner last night, we went to our favorite burger place, The Counter.  This place has THE BEST burgers we have ever had in our life!  We've only eaten there once before (at Christmas time) and we have been craving it ever since!  After that, we went over to the mall so Beau could ride the "carouself" and he picked the big lion (Simba) to ride.  Then we went over to the train.  We were the only passengers, and the conductor gave us a great ride!  We went all over!  It probably helped that there was nobody in the mall so he could go everywhere, and Beau had so much fun!

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