Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2.5 years old

This past Thursday, we had Beau's 2 1/2 year doctor's appointment.  Just incase you needed a professional's opinion, Beau is "PERFECT!"  She had to look at the paper twice to see that the numbers were correct in that his height and weight are in the 86% range and his head is in the 87%!  She said that we need to frame this in the front office!  She's never seen a child so perfect!  I think she meant that he is perfectly proportional but whatever!  We will take it!  We think he is just perfect as well!  (Until he reminds me how great he is at being TWO!!!!!)  Here are a few pics of our "perfect" and BIG baby boy!!!

Oh yeah, and she said to go ahead and give him some peanut butter!  (I asked how we would know if he was alergic).  My dad will be SOOOOOOOOOO happy!  He has had dibs on giving him his first taste of "The good life!"  Anyone who knows my dad knows that he has loved peanut butter his whole life and has not gone a single day without it!  He even loves it so much that one night he had an entire conversation about peanut butter to which now one of our many family jokes when he goes on and on about something is, "PEANUT BUTTER!!!!"  This is like saying, "Ok!  We get it!!"  Love that crazy Poppy!   So, on Saturday, Dad made Beau his first peanut butter and honey sandwich.  Beau didn't really know what to think.  He wanted honey to dip it in and he ate one triangle.  It was a good "first taste of the good life!" 

Sweet picture of Beau watching Lion King

Last week at school, a little boy in Beau's class had his birthday party.  Beau wore the hat until about 7:00 that night! 

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