Friday, February 15, 2013


Since Beau and I came back, we have been busy hanging out with Paige (when we can which is usually for about an hour when we go see him at the office), hanging out with friends, spending looooooong mornings that carry over into the afternoons in pj's, and going to the park in freezing weather.

Now that Signing Day is over, we are seeing much more of Paige, and Beau and I are loving it!

Here are some pics of what we've been up too~

Beau loves visiting Paige at work because he always gets cookies and chips!
Lately Captain Hook and Jake's sword (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) go every where with us!

Reading at the libray
Beau had a 3 year old check up (at 3.5 years old!!) so we, of course, had to stop by Starbucks while we were near one! We have to drive 40 miles to get to a Starbucks, people! As for Beau's stats, he is 97% in his height and weight!!!  He's so big but we have no idea how because he is THE PICKIEST eater on Earth!

It was SO cold this day at the park

Early morning cartoons in favorite!

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