Sunday, February 24, 2013

A little snow (ice) day fun

This first picture was about the extent of the snow we got here in Coffeyville last week.  The next morning, we did, however, wake up to ice everywhere!  I loved it because it gave me a great excuse to do absolutely do nothing!  Here are some pictures of how we spent our few days of being iced in...

Playing outside and getting pounded with wet snow.
Cruisin' in the snow!
Defrosting with a little lunch and Disney Jr.
I was doing laundry and Beau took off with the laundry basket.  This is how I found him!

Baking Beau's and Daddy's favorite cookies~ oatmeal/raisin!  I had to take this picture because I love how the hook and sword are laid out right by him!  We played with those things for hours that day!
Too much snow day fun!

Day 2~ We played some fun games because it was way too cold to go outside!

Playing memory

Best seat in the house!

Batman and Buzz fighting with Captain Hook's hook and Peter Pan sword!

Our little handy man!

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