Monday, January 28, 2013

Our last few days in Atlanta

When we got back from Arkansas, Beau and I were so lucky to get to stay in Atlanta for a couple more weeks.  We spent lots of quality time with Poppy, Sam, and Sarah, and of course we got to see lots of Adam, Frazer, and Landon, too!  We took advantage of having so many things to do in the big city so we took Beau to Lego Land with my friend Natalie and her two little boys, Parker and Harrison, we took some more trips to the mall, went to an indoor play place, and went to Menchies! We had a great time in Atlanta and miss everyone so much.

Lego Land

Natalie was my very first friend I met in Valdosta.  It was so great seeing her and her sweet boys!
Beau was so tired after playing so hard at Lego Land.
Riding the train at the mall
They dressed alike!

Slumber party!

The angel Dad got.  Makes beautiful rainbows all over.  Just like Mom always loved.

We got a quick visit from Stella and Rikki!
Beau got some new Woody boots
Having fun at the mall

Menchies for lunch!  Mom of the year.
I caught him playing the dollhouse :)

We went to a place called, Play, in Roswell.  Last year when we took him, he wouldn't have anything to do with it.  All he wanted to do was stay in the lobby and play with the train table.  This time he LOVED it!  We stayed almost 2 hours!  He was having a blast!

One last sleepover before we headed back.  
Morning cartoons

Frazer and I did a little shopping!

Saying their good-byes :(
Kiss or choke... 
Our last trip to the mall.  He used all his "big money" to ride these little rides. 
Nothin cuter than a little boy in his unders and cowboy boots!
Rah Rah spoils him!

Headed back to Kansas

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