Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birthdays and more

Every year on our birthday, I would wake up to Mom singing, "Today is your birthday, well it's my birthday too, uhhh!"  I miss that (and Mom so so so much) and vow to live by this quote for as many birthdays as I get on this Earth~

Here are some pictures of how our birthdays (Sarah's too) were this year~
Look at that little paw trying to get my cake!

A few days later, we celebrated Sarah's birthday with a house full of people!  Mitch, Rikki, and Stella came by for the day! So did Jen, Josh, and Anna Lynn! We also got to see Sarah's friend, Claudia, for a while! It was a fun day!
Rikki and Stella
Lunch date!
I love Rikki!
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Good ol' friends
Dad and Anna Lynn
Momma Jen and baby Anna Lynn
Beau, Anna Lynn, and Stella playing
Look at that sweet face!
They would not cooperate!

As Mom called them~ "Beautiful Mitch and Pretty Rikki!" 
Scratching Daddy's back
I love this family!

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!
Nice reenactment!!

Licking his chops!

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