Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Services for Mom

As we all know by now, God got an angel on the morning of March 15.  My mom.  I still don't have the words to write about any of this, although I hope to be able to do her justice in writing at some point.  However, I do think it's important to post some pictures from this time. 

The services and the turn out of all those who love my mom were amazing to say the least.  We saw people we had not seen in years.  The line was out the door at the funeral home with all those waiting their turn to shake my dad's hand.  He did such an amazing job.  Everything was perfect.  Just as Mom would have wanted.  The only thing missing was the woman of the hour.  Lisa.  If she had been there (although it would have been at a different venue) that gathering would have lasted days!  I could just imagine what she would have looked like, greating all the friends she has ever had.  She would have loved it.

On Monday, we had a beautiful service at the church.  It was so sureal but so amazing at the same time.  Our ministers did such a beautiful job really capturing the essence of Mom. 

We certainly enjoyed having so many guests at the house, too.  The weather was so beautiful.  Mom would have loved to seen so many kids and adults enjoying the beautiful day and her beautiful home. 

Here are some pictures that I took.  I wish I had taken more.
 Cute little rivals!  UNC vs. KU!
 Annie, Rikki, Stella (checking Paul out!!) and Paul
 Why is that camera always in my face!
 Paige and Lucy
 Pretty Rikki and baby Stella
 Up to no good!  :)
 Up to no good!  Ha!!
 Beau's "favorite blankie" was EVERYWHERE this day!
 Sean, Maddie, Jack, and Beau
 Hanging out before heading to the airport
 Landon~ concentrating really hard!
 Got that thumb!

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  1. Erin! This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

    Love to all of you,