Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was pretty fun this year~ bittersweet, but fun.  I've been told that everything is going to be "bittersweet" from now on...I believe it.  But Mom wants us to carry on, so carry on we will...

Beau had a good time dying and hunting eggs.  He got tired of hunting for the eggs after about 2 minutes and started shaking them to see if anything was in it.  If there wasn't anything, he would throw it back in the yard and move on to the next!  He was soon over it and onto his new favorite sport~ Golf!   

The rest of the day was spent watching The Masters.  It was a really nice, relaxing Sunday and a great end to a much needed Spring Break for me.

Enjoy the many, many pictures and videos!

Beau pushed Landon around on this forever!  He was so cautious and sweet with her, and she LOVED it!!

Look at me!!  I'm cute!

They are best friends!

Daddy hugs!

Admiring his granddaughter

I'm standing now, people!!

The Easter Bunny came to visit while Beau was napping

What's this, Mommy??

Ohhh all for me!?!?  Yummy!!


All ready to color eggs

Thinking about what color to use first...

Poppy's writing my name on my egg!

Beau's turn!

Let the egg hunt begin!

Forget the eggs~ time for golf!

Poppy's showing me where to hit the ball

Hi Sam!

Mommy!!  How do I open this?!?!

This was so cute!  Landon was kicking her legs and laughing!  It was so sweet!



  1. Such sweet pictures, Erin! Glad the day was fun. I know your mom would be so proud of all of you. You honor her by keeping her memory alive and press on for her just like she wants you to do...you have an amazing family!! Beau is so cute and I really can't wait to meet him! Loved looking at all the pics!! Beau and Landon are so sweet together! XOXO!

  2. Thanks Kristen!! I can't wait either!! Love your blog!!

  3. Since Paige isn't a big golfer, Matt will teach Beau how to golf!!!