Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

Today we had a snow day!!  Actually, we had a "Wind chill day" meaning the wind chill is -13 and too cold for our little kids to be out waiting for the bus and walking to school.  Either way, I am thrilled because I get to spend ALL DAY with my baby!!!!!!!  I was telling Paige on Sunday that we had such a great day~ got up early to send Daddy off the Texas to the coaching convention, had breakfast, played, read books, sang, danced (really!  Beau LOVES when I play Taylor Swift and we dance all around the living room!) had lunch, then he napped for 3 hours!  I told Paige that I just feel like I'm missing the best part of Beau's day and life when I have to be at work all day.  It really makes me so sad to look at him and really think about how much time we are apart and how much I am missing... I HATE it and just pray so hard for the opportunity to stay home with him.  Maybe one day...

Beau in the snow! (This is actually yesterday after he threw a 20 minute maniac fit to get outside!!  I was thinking, "alright bud, you have no idea what you want to get yourself into!!")
 Beau stood at the door screaming for forever to get outside....once outside, I think he was regretting it!!

Outside and not sure what to do now!

Relaxing with Daddy a few days ago!

Sending Daddy off to Dallas for the coaching convention.

My mommy is funny!!  (Since there is no one here to dispute this, that is what I'm going with!)

Look what I did all by myself!

This baby loves to try and squeeze himself into the strangest, tightest places.

Reading his books...he could do this forever!

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