Saturday, January 29, 2011

The day that Paige moved, we came home and he had left a stocking cap in the recliner.  I asked Beau if he wanted Daddy's hat.  He took it out of my hand and put it right on his head.  He wore it around all night!  How sad. :(

Paige sent him this TT hat and this is how he wore it around the house all afternoon!

Today was such a great day!  I woke up to Beau honking my nose and laughing!  What a great way to wake up!  We had cherrios for breakfast and listened to country music.  Our weekend morning ritual.  Oh, and the weather was AWESOME so I took Beau on a long walk then we stopped and played at the park.  It must have worn him out because he napped for 4 hours!  Finally I went in his room and woke him up because I was so bored and missed my little buddy.  He probably would have slept straight through the night!
 Come sit here mom!

 Watching CMT music videos!
Giving me "the look!"

Wearing his new scarf Gran made!!!  Thanks Gran!!  The scarves and his afghan are so pretty and soft!

He's a maniac!

Beau loves his new blanket!  Thanks Gran!

Beau loves Carrie Underwood!!!!

Loving Kid Rock just as much as his momma and daddy do!!!

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