Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Trip to Atlanta

This past weekend, Beau and I took a trip to Atlanta.  I was so nice to be back there and spend such great, quality time with Mom, Dad, Sarah, Adam, and Frazer.  A lot few exciting things happened this weekend including the fact that Adam and Frazer are having a sweet, little, perfect baby GIRL!!!!!  I am so excited for them!  They are going to be such awesome parents.

Here are some pictures of our weekend:

 Sitting in the seat like a big boy.

 Watching Sesame Street.

 Hanging out with Jill!
 Sitting like a big boy with Adam and Frazer on the couch.
 This was hilarious!  He was wearing some hand-me-down jammies Mom found~ we think they were Sarah's, and he was pushing Sarah's old baby doll stroller around and around the house!

 Roughing Scout up!  Scout LOVED it!!
 This is so cute!  Looking at photo albums with Poppy!
 Trying to share his pacie with Scout!  So sweet!

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  1. What a FUN trip. So happy you two got to go home!!! Beau is PRECIOUS! I love this pics of him pushing the stroller.....adorable!