Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This past Friday, our Butler friends planned a going away for me.  Well, Paige didn't want to feel left out so he surprised me and showed up at MY party!!!!!!  It was the best surprise since my 13th birthday party!!  Here are some pictures but the good ones are on our friend "Tee-hee's" camera (as Beau calls her) so when I get those, I will post more.

Beau got these from a birthday gift bag from his class.  He KNEW he was too cute in these!

Beau and Baylor watching Miss Vanessa coming to the door!  They were beating the door down, laughing, and yelling for her!

 Our friends Tessa, Jason (he is the new baseball coach) and Matt and Jen (our neighbors).

 Miss Vanessa and Beau....she is one of his sweet Educare teachers.  He was obvioulsy very tired and just wanted Paige.  :(

It was pretty chilly Saturday but that didn't stop us from smoking a ton of chicken and having a house full of friends for one last party!!  Beau was LOVING the cheeseball!  I kept catching him sneaking mo crackoos and teese!!

Beau and Cash had fun playing.

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