Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Little Home

On Thursday, May 26 I finished my last day of work, got all my classroom things to our neighbor's garage (thanks to the help of a great friend, Dana!!), picked Beau up from Educare, and headed to Wichita to get Paige from the airport~ an airport Beau and I (and Paige) have become VERY familiar with!  On our way back to town, we took Beau to the place where Paige proposed to me.  It was by a very pretty duck pond in Wichita.  Beau had so much fun running around and quacking at the ducks!  Then we headed back to El Dorado to do a TON of packing. 

The next morning we took Beau to Educare toghether.  Then the movers showed up.  It took ALL DAY but we did it!  We got our whole house packed and loaded into the semi.  It was nice having the movers because they packed our kitchen things, our TVs, and of course, moved all the heavy furniture.  It was well worth it!  By about 5, I picked Beau up, said our goodbye's to his teachers.  I love them so much for taking such great care of him.  They are so wonderful there.  Then we went back to our nice, little home to say bye to it one last time.  Beau didn't really know what to think when he saw his house all empty.  Our neighbors and good friends the Cooks, came over to see us off.  It was kind of sad.  Then as we closed the door, Beau said, "Bye bye house."  Oh my goodness, I love this child!  It was so sweet!  Here are some pictures~

Saying bye to Nick and Matt.  (I think Nick was crying a bit!!)

 Our little home!  It's not all that cute on the outside but we made it such a nice little home inside!  We brought our baby boy home there and I will always cherish the time we spent out in Kansas!
 He was so tired from such a long, fun last day at Educare.
 Leslie and Baby Josie (5 weeks old), Kristen and Baby Ryan (9 months), and Beau (22 months) and me.  We made such great friends out in Kansas and these are some of them!!!

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