Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter and "ahhh mo" (more)

Nowadays, Beau says "ahhh" in front of everything he says~ ahhh mo!  ahhh boo!  ahhh cheese!   ahhh crackooo (cracker)!  ahhh daddy!  ahhh nanny (banana)!  Speaking of nannies, I had to change my route in the grocery store so as to get the produce last because as soon as the nannies are spotted, he is crying "nanny, nanny, nanny!!!!!!!" the rest of the time!  It even gets real "exorcist" like~ naaaaaannnyyyyyy!!!   I'm seriously kid.  Then as soon as we get home and I can give him a nanny, he usually shakes his head and says, "uh uh momma."  Wow!  This baby sure keeps me on my toes and I LOVE every second!  :)

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks including Easter!!  I am also going to post a million videos as soon as I get them all loaded!

Ahhh nanny!  Ahhh cheese!!

 Looking at all the cars and planes 

Playing "baw!"  He LOVES playing baw!!

 Rikki's shower was so awesome!!

 He is so serious about playing baw.
 Sam FINALLY got Beau to come near him!  What you can't see is that he lured him with the iPad!  Haha!

Paige looked so nice at church on Easter.  Beau stayed and played with Grammy and Poppy.

Hanging out on the new side porch watching Beau playing in the beautiful yard!!

 This is so pretty!

Happy Easter, Beau-Beau!!!
 I LOVE this cheesy face!!
 Chocolate!  Mmmmmmm!!!!

 Hunting eggs with Daddy
 He LOVED hunting eggs!  He kept wanting to do it "mo mo mo!!" 
 Hanging out with "Neenee" watching baw.  He almost fell asleep just like this.  He could have sat there all night.  Beau LOVES watching baw!  When there is a commercial he gets so sad and fake cries the whole time~ crying out, "baw, baw, baw....." until it comes back.  Then he claps!  I love it!

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