Saturday, March 12, 2011

This weekend

Look at me in my puppy dog ears!!

Riding my new trike!!


He was saying, "Daddy, daddy, daddy!!"

He is so good at climbing up this and he loves going down the slide!

He stood here and watched the KU for forever!  What a guy!  One of 3 things he will watch on t.v.~ football, country music, and basketball!

Hanging out on the couch watching the KU game!

Why yes that IS chocolate donut on my face!!!

Just watching country music videos on my new trike!  I would sleep with it if I could!  (He literally tried to drag it up the stairs the other night!)

Pushing my trike!

Brycen came out to play wearing his cowboy hat.  He informed me that he's Kid Rock!  He said, "I'm a cowboy baby!!"

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