Thursday, March 3, 2011


Doesn't he look so cute and big sitting here like a big boy getting his hair cut?!?!  

 We went to the grocery store and I got Beau his first box of animal crackers just like we used to get when we were kids at Harris Teeter!!!  He sat so great in the shopping cart with the box beside him and then he carried the box around the house the rest of the weekend!

 My poor baby didn't feel very well.  We just snuggled all day!
 So, he was doing this and I said, "YUCKY!"  Well, now every time hears me say yucky, he sticks his finger in his nose!  So funny!!

 Paige came home and Beau was SO excited and cute!  He had all his toys lined up by Paige as if to show him all his things.  He was so proud!  Then he brought his puzzle to Paige and was having so much fun getting it all back together.

Nice face bud!  We went to Red Robins to eat dinner on Friday.  Beau was so excited to see all those balloons!

I caught him reading!!

Saying our goodbyes to Daddy.  :(

Watching the hail storm.  Scary!

Hey momma!

I love Taylor Swift!

Having so much fun with Brycen in the wagon.  I LOVE his face in this picture!!!!

Yesterday at school we celebrated Dr. Seuss Day!

 I just thought he looked so stinking cute on the way to Educare this morning!  When I got him out of the car, he had a paci in his mouth and one in each hand.  I took them all away from him and he got so mad at me that he took off his hat and chucked it in the parking lot!!  Wow!!  Feisty!!!!

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