Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So on Friday Beau and I flew to Atlanta to visit the family!  Listen to how crazy this is~ Beau is 19 months old (which is hard enough for me to believe) and he has now officially flown 18 times!!!!  Can you believe that?!?!?!  Well, when it's all said and done and we fly home and back in April for Easter weekend Beau will have flown 22 times and he will only be 20 months old!  Isn't that just crazy!!  Having said that, maybe he will be able to hang up his wings for a while because I am so happy to say that we are moving home this summer instead of Texas!!  Paige decided he just wanted to be a "regular family" and that he didn't want to coach anymore!  He is currently job searching in Atlanta!  So, here are a few pictures from this weekend and I will put some more up later.
Here he was on the plane!  He was being so sweet and fun.

My favorite spot!  Reading with Grammy!

Splish splash time!  Our dear childhood friend, Erin Patrick, was in town visiting and she put his hair in a mow hawk!  So cute!  Oh, and he just LOVED her!  He was being so flirty!

This is SO cute!  Beau got this stool off the fireplace and pushed it over right beside Poppy to watch the KU game!  This was precious!!!!
Beau was having so much fun riding his race car toy!

I have some cute videos and more pictures that I will have to add later!!

Hey!!  You got my pacie!!

On the way to Educare this morning!  I just love how he wears his hat!  He puts it on and won't let me take it off!  Also, check out what's in his hands~ a toothbrush and a car!  He cried when I made him leave them in the car.  I love this baby!

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