Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

We have had such a great Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for.  On Thursday, we went to one of the coach's parent's house.  It was really nice to be a part of their Thanksgiving.  Then yesterday, we went to Lawrence to be with the Buhlers/Dillons.  That was so fun, and we got to meet Lucy!!!  She's so precious!  Today we are going to the tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree.  This is my favorite time of the year~ Christmas music on the tv, decorations up, cold weather, family... you can't get much better than this!

Turkey day bed head!

Sleepy Beau and his little buddy, Tilman

Our little pilgrim

Not quite sure about this...

Thanksgiving at the Buhlers



I know this is blurry but it was so cute~ Beau was playing peek-a-boo with Annie!

I LOVE Lucy!!!


Beau, you're precious too!

Group picture~ Beau kept look at Paul!

Belly shot

The girls!

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