Monday, November 15, 2010


For Halloween this year Beau was a cute, little puppy!  He loves puppies, and whenever he sees one, real or stuffed, he starts barking!

For his Halloween party at Educare, he was a black puppy.  They put all the kids in strollers and took them around to all the offices on campus and they took them to see the dads.  There are A LOT of coaches kids at Beau's daycare and they love to go see their dads!

He's my puppy eating breakfast.

 Beau and my friend Jen's son, Brycen


 Beau and one of his teachers, Ms. Cheryl and the boys.

Then on Sunday, Beau was a black and white pup!

 We went to some of our friend's house, Leslie and Morgan.  Morgan has quite a collection of Halloween paraphernalia! 

 Back home and waiting for some trick-or-treaters!
 All this candy, just for me!!
 Hummm...this looks good!

 Bound and determined to get to this candy!

 My friend Jen's kid, Bayli and Brycen.
 He finally busted through the wrapper and mean, ol mom takes it away.
 This breaks my heart!  I'm so mean.  :(

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