Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beau's Thanksgiving Feast and more~

Here is Beau eating a little snack!

He loves playing with the bowls!

Hi Mom!!

I want that camera!

On Tuesday, Beau's teachers were so kind to provide all the parents with a Thanksgiving feast.  It was so nice and fun to see Beau and the other babies and see all the other parents and eat SO much delicious food!

He wanted Paige.  :(

This is Aaron Flores, the offensive coordinator and his sweet daughter, Ryann.  She is 3 months old.

This is one of Beau's friends, Baylor.  His mom, Tessa, works with me, and his dad, Jason, is the new baseball coach at Butler.

Beau LOVED the food!  He inhaled the jello.  (Wish I had a picture of it!)

Here's his turkey finger painting art! 

So I had the day off today, and it was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!
 Playing with Daddy's hat.

Going to the grocery store in my big car seat!

Paige being funny

He wouldn't let go of his diaper!

 Momma!  NO MORE PICTURES!  :)

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