Thursday, November 15, 2012

November so far

Well, football is officially over for us. :(  So with not much going on, Beau and I spend our days waking up late, watching cartoons, and park-hopping around town.  He still goes to preschool for a couple hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  He loves it!  Today they had a Thanksgiving party.  I'm so glad to be able to do things like that with him this year!  Also, this past weekend, we met Pamie and Mr. Larry in Oklahoma City.  We had a great time eating lots of good food, shopping, looking at horses (they were there for the World Horse Show), and just spending good, quality time with them. Here are some pictures of the little guy from the past few weeks!  He sure is getting big and talkative and so so fun!
At the "big park on the hills."  He's showing me that he's 3.  That's his new thing.  He holds up 3 fingers and says whatever's on his mind and then ends it with, "'s because I'm 3!"

school picture

Stacey got me a big bag of Dunkin coffee!  Best gift ever!  Beau was showing it some love!

I love this "crazy mic" face.

Playing at the park with Zurg, Spiderman, and Buzz while we were waiting for daddy to come home from work.

Paige was home early and cooked ribs!

Beau learned how to flip my phone around and take pictures of himself :)

In Oklahoma City hanging out with Pamie and Mr. Larry in the motor home.

Beau's favorite thing about staying in a hotel is eating the fruit loops for breakfast

He got to pick out a toy at Target.  He picked Iron Man

Paige likes Iron man more than Beau does!

Sweet face!

So excited about his new Spiderman slippers and getting to watch Spiderman cartoons!

Look at all those stickers!

and that bedhead!!!

another picture he took of himself!

Playing at another park, knee-high in all the leaves.

showing me the acorns and pecans he found.

action shot!!
I put this together for him yesterday morning and he loves it!!  We have had it packed away since we lived in GA and it just hit me that it was sitting in his closet.  It's like Christmas has come early here! He was so excited.

Seeing "those crazy ducks" at the pond.

He was like, "Hey get back here you crazy duck!!"  It was hilarious!  And the duck actually came back!

Party trick!

He was so happy about his batman jammies!

Beau, Gavin, and Gavin's brother, Brennan at the Thanksgiving party at preschool today. They made muffins and some really good popcorn that Beau loved and sang songs.  It was really fun! 

Now that's a cute face!

Here is the turkey popcorn they made.  I thought that was so cute and creative!

If you listen really closely, you can hear Beau loud and clear at the end of this one!

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  1. LOVE HIS SCHOOL PIC! Oh and of course, Paige as Iron Man. XO