Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween Beau was Buzz Lightyear!  He got some good use out of his costume, too!  Last week there was a Trick-or-Treat in downtown Coffeyville.  We met up with Beau's friend, Gavin and his brothers and mom and had fun going to all the businesses and getting candy.  On Tuesday, Beau's class did a costume parade and all the parents came a passed out more candy!  Then last night there was a big festival at his preschool so the Flores' and the Mattox's came over and we all went together.  Beau had a good time playing with Ryann in the bounce house and seeing Gavin and his brother.  He was most excited to go on the hayride!  After that, Paige and I took him to a few houses on our street.  He was so good and polite!  He'd knock on the door (even if they were already there) and say, "Trick-or-treat!!" and then he'd say, "THANK YOU!!"  After the first couple houses, he really got the hang of it and wanted to go to more! He wasn't too wild and crazy this year, unlike last, when Sarah gave him about 10 candy corns right before we left my parent's house and this is what happened~ Touchdown melmo!  And sorry that I turned the camera sideways. :/  Oh man that was a fun night!!  I can't believe how much he's changed this year!  Anyway, October was a fun month, and now the holidays are coming!  Is it too early to decorate for Christmas??!!
Ready for trick-or-treating!!

He was so careful to pick the perfect piece of candy!

Beau, Gavin (his friend from his preschool class), and his brother, Brennon

Beau's preschool Halloween parade
Beau and Miss Connie

Buzz and Robin!

Paige got to come!  Beau was happy to see him!
Coach Rolls gave Beau a pumpkin chocolate covered strawberry!
He ate every bit of it!
Halloween morning~ watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin for the 20th time!! And looking at his magazine again!!
Paige brought him a Halloween Happy Meal!


What's in here?!?


Looking good, Paige!

Admiring Daddy's pumpkin!

Hanging out outside, enjoying the weather!

Drilling holes in his pumpkin!

Waiting for Daddy to get home from practice to go to the Halloween festival!!

Looking good, Buzz!!!

Buzz and Dora!!

Ryann, Beau, Kirby, and Haley!  I LOVE this picture of the four of them!!

He was so excited for the hayride!

I was so happy to FINALLY have found the haunted house Mom gave me last year for Beau!!!  And just in time too!!

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