Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Game 5

This weekend we had a home game.  Matt, Jen, and Brycen (our friends from El Dorado) came to visit everyone.  We hung out at the house, tailgated, and had a fun weekend!  Beau and Brycen are now best friends!  Brycen was so nice to him and Beau followed him around and did everything he did from the time they got here until about 11pm!  Needless to say, they slept until about 10:30 on Sunday. And, to top it off, we also won!

Beau and Ryann eating breakfast with the Ravens

Beau's new tent!

Jen and Ryann at the tailgate

Raven walk

Beau and Brycen having fun at the tailgate

Here come the Ravens!!


Beau's teacher Miss Kelly

Looking for grasshoppers

They played all night!

good game, daddy!

tired boys

The boys eating breakfast

Beau loved all Brycen's cars

Reading in the tent

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