Thursday, September 6, 2012

Game 2

Last weekend, Paige had his second game.  Pamie and Mr. Larry came in town on Thursday.  We went to dinner that night.  On Friday, Mr. Larry was so nice and helped us with our yard work!  He spent all day out there!  Beau even helped a little! For lunch, we went to this place called, Tavern on the Plaza in downtown Coffeyville.  It was pretty cool inside; very historic, and they had delicious chips and sandwiches! That night, Paige made burgers and we just relaxed at the house.  On Saturday, Beau's new Lightning McQueen car came in!  Paige, Mr. Larry, and Pamie got it all together, and Beau LOVES it!!  That night, we tailgated and watched the Red Ravens.  They did better this game, but still didn't win.  Maybe this weekend...

Look at my chocolate milk mustache!

Playing in the rain in my new rain boots (and my big boy underwear!) 

I can help!

This is fun!!

I think I'll push it all the way to the curb...and then leave it!

Mr. Larry and Beau going to get the mower from the street 

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Showing Beau how to hose off the grass.

Beau's turn!

This entertained him for quite a while!

My new ride!!

Watching the Ravens walk to the stadium!

Paige and Coach Flo in the Raven Walk.  Go Red Ravens!

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