Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow, Paige, and an awesome weekend!

On Tuesday we got more snow than I have ever seen!  It started snowing at about 7:30 and snowed HUGE flakes all day and all night.  Then, of course, we got our FIFTH snow day of the year!  I LOVE snow days!!!!

This is a little girl in my class who was so excited to see her dad plowing the roads in front of our school.  He passed by a few times and we started chanting, "Go Mr. Karst, Go Mr. Karst!"  It was really cute, and she was so excited!  Love this little sweet girl!

Here are some snowflakes my class did back on one of the first snow days we had.  This is just to show how hard it was looks blurry but that's actually all the snow coming down!

Mom!  Look how deep this is!!!

So sad because he wants to play outside but he can't figure out how to move in all this stuff!

This was how cold it was when I was taking Beau to Educare on Thursday morning!

LOOK WHO CAME TO TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

My daddy makes THE BEST spaghetti in the world!!

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy!!!!

Poor baby has really bad dry skin on his cheeks and then when we were playing outside today, he fell and scraped his forehead and his noes!  He looks pitiful!

I have a bunch of videos from the weekend that are uploading now so I will put them on when they finish!

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